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Whistle Piece

King’s Cross, London, 2015

Whistle Piece is a 10 minute live performance by a six piece Sinfonietta and Conductor. The performance is an adaptation of an earlier digital sound piece by Immanuel, also called Whistle Piece, which was constructed by piecing together audio samples from a symphonic orchestra and television show. This new adaptation transcribes the work from digital sample back into a live performance; the various instruments and samples take 6 parts – Cello, Violin, Base Clarinet, Tuba, Percussion and Singer/Whistler.

The production of Whistle Piece as a performance was based on the collaboration and conversation of Roy Immanuel and « ECHO » Radio. The live performance of Whistle Piece, was scored, rehearsed and recorded with the assistance of Music Director & Conductor, Matt Goodman.

Roy Immanuel’s work often looks at the mechanics of comedy and the potential that comedy has to be insightful – using deceptively simple mechanics to discuss complex issues. Whistle Piece refers to an episode of Larry David’s Curb Your Enthusiasm, which looks at the Jewish taboo of liking Wagner. Larry David whistling Wagner has been sampled and combined with elements from Wagner’s pieces Siegried and Das Rheingold to make a new composition.

Many of Immanuel’s sound pieces are generated in part from previous works. Making a new piece of digital music out of samples of live recordings and then turning this new piece back into a live performance references the circle (virtuous or vicious) that his work uses to generate itself. The format of the ‘cover version’, or the adaptation of a piece of music, particularly when moving between digital and analogue, further removes the work from its original source.

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